Some Great features

We serves royal service and hygine veg. food, we also have speciality in pure Jain food.
We believes in quality, management and best service in industry.

Xtreme Adventure

X-treme adventure believes in tremendous amount of adventure activities at highest level, with safety, precautions and medication.

Essence Of Nature

Dynamically our objective is that not to touch, not to taste and not to destroy, just feel the aura of nature.
"Grow More, Go Green"

Explore the Unexplored

Allow yourself to see the unexplored world through new eyes and know there are amazing adventures. The best view comes after the hardest climb.

About X-Treme Adventures

Keeping the core values and the ethics in center, X-Treme Adventures will be a benchmark in training the youth for a better situation. Our journey starts in 2015. A group of youngsters - enthusiastic about using their energies and synergies for a common goal got together to initiate a programme to sensitize the citizens towards nature and environment.

X-Treme Adventures is associated with reputed and well known company in MANALI.

Our Marvels

Our objectives are to make A-Team, management, co-ordinations for all our operations.
We work together voluntarily.

Our Skills

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